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Orientation & Schedule


Classes and the three-evening mandatory Orientation program for new, first-year part-time evening students begin on Tuesday, August 20. Classes and the two-day mandatory Orientation program for new, first-year full-time day students begin on Wednesday, August 21. Please note that your classes will begin during this initial week. It is important that you attend all scheduled classes and activities. In early August, you will receive a detailed schedule.

Orientation serves as an introduction to the College of Law and various University services. Orientation also includes an introduction to lawyering skills, introduction to study skills and your first Legal Analysis classes. We have also planned a number of social activities where you will have an opportunity to get to know your classmates. Orientation will be held at both the College of Law, 25 East Jackson Boulevard and at Harold Washington Library Center, located approximately one block from the College of Law at 400 South State Street. You will receive detailed information about Orientation later this summer.

Class Schedule & Registration

In mid-July, we will mail your section assignment and schedule. All first-year students are automatically assigned to a section and registered for all first-year classes. You should not attempt to register for classes on your own. Because it is important that we balance the sections with regard to academic credentials as well as other factors, students are not permitted to select their section. Students who require a section change as an accommodation for a disability should contact the Office of Admissions at 312/362-6831. For full-time day students, classes are held Monday through Friday. For part-time evening students, classes begin at 5:50 p.m. each night.

First-year, full-time day division students are strongly discouraged from any outside employment. The American Bar Association prohibits full-time law students from working more than twenty hours per week. No adjustments in schedule or in academic regulations are made to accommodate employment or other activities.