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Students with Disabilities

The College of Law ensures equal opportunities for students with disabilities. Our facilities are fully accessible and efforts are made to accommodate requests from individuals whose permanent or temporary disability requires accommodation.

If you have a disability that may require accommodations, you should contact the Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD). The mission of the Center for Students with Disabilities is to provide accommodations and support to students with disabilities that will enable them to fully participate in programs and services that are available at DePaul University. In addition, the Center for Students with Disabilities encourages students with disabilities to independently manage their lives inside the University as well as in the community outside the University.

The Center for Students with Disabilities works with various departments within the University to ensure that no qualified student(s) with disabilities are denied the benefit of, excluded from participation in, or otherwise subjected to discrimination because of the absence of educational auxiliary aids.

If you have a disability that will require accommodations during exams, you should also contact Diana White, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at 312/362-8537.

All students requesting services from CSD are required to contact CSD, complete a Needs Assessment Form, provide documentation detailing his/her disability and meet with the staff of CSD. You may contact CSD at:

Lincoln Park Address: 2250 N. Sheffield, Room 307
Phone Number: 773-325-1677
For additional information about PLuS, visit their website at