Catherine Doyle, Campaign Director, In Defense of Animals

Catherine Doyle is the director of In Defense of Animals’ elephant campaign. She has been an animal welfare professional for more than 13 years, with the last nine devoted entirely to elephants. Her elephant advocacy work began with efforts to rescue Ruby at the Los Angeles Zoo, eventually resulting in her transfer to the PAWS sanctuary in 2007. Doyle’s research on elephant health, welfare and management has garnered her a reputation as a expert on conditions for elephants in captivity. She has presented expert testimony at numerous government hearings and has appeared as IDA’s media spokesperson on television, radio and in print worldwide. She has served as a consultant for lawsuits regarding elephants in zoos, and she has been a speaker at various conferences, including the The Future of Zoos symposium. In her role as campaign director, Doyle is responsible for campaign analysis, strategy and direction. She has established working relationships with local and federal government agencies as well as with individuals inside the zoo industry. She is known for her in-depth research and pro-active reports that bring to the public the broader issues concerning the welfare of elephants in zoos and for hard-hitting campaigns to end the use of elephants in circuses. To further her knowledge of elephants, she has traveled to Kenya and to India to observe them in the wild. Doyle is a recipient of the City of Angels Animal Humanitarian Award and a member of the selection committee for the prestigious Genesis Awards.