Will Travers, Chief Executive Officer, Born Free Foundation

Will Travers is the chief executive officer of Born Free USA and The Born Free Foundation. He has dedicated most of his life to wildlife issues, ever since he lived in Kenya while his parents made the movie “Born Free.” In 1984, Travers’ parents gave up their acting careers to devote their lives to rescuing animals and co-founded The Born Free Foundation with him. Its projects and campaigns span five continents and are supported worldwide. In 2002, he brought the message of “compassionate conservation” to the United States and launched Born Free USA. Travers is an internationally renowned wildlife expert called on by worldwide media, dignitary groups and global coalitions to offer his unique insights into the many threats faced by wild animals and their natural world. He has taken part in countless television and radio shows, debates and interviews and is regarded as a key go-to by correspondents and journalists on a wide range of issues. Since 1996, Travers has been president of the Species Survival Network. He is a fellow of the Royal Geographic Society, a founding member of the Captive Wild Animals Protection Coalition, the co-creator of Global Friends, and a member of the IUCN Species Survival Commission Reintroduction Specialist Group. He has personally rescued dolphins, tigers, lions and elephants; has traveled to more than 50 countries working on conservation; and is always willing to share his experiences and deep knowledge in order to further Born Free USA’s vision for a better, kinder, more compassionate future.