Arts Law Colloquium

The Arts Law Colloquium is facilitated by Professors Patty Gerstenblith and Margit Livingston and features lunchtime presentations by attorneys who practice in the areas of art, museum, music, theater, film, and media law.


Every few years, the Center for Art, Museum, and Cultural Heritage Law (CAMCHL) sponsors a symposium on emerging issues in art, cultural heritage and museum law. These symposiums bring together leading researchers, experts and thinkers from around the world.

Visiting Artist Series

The Visiting Artist Program seeks to bring to the College of Law actors, directors, writers, musicians, painters, sculptors, and other artists so that they may discuss with our students, faculty, and the legal community the issues facing them as working artists.

The Visiting Artists, in dialogue with attorneys and law faculty and students, share their perspective on the legal problems they encounter in their profession, including copyright, contract issues, agency, and moral rights. Through this dialogue we hope to further understanding of these issues by both artists and those in the legal community.

Center for Art, Museum, and Cultural Heritage Law