Beijing, China

May 20 – June 12, 2014

Most experts agree that China’s economy will surpass that of the United States as early as 2021. As China becomes the preeminent global economic powerhouse, smart lawyers will be able to profit by getting ready for a world in which financial transactions, trade, investment and tourism with China will provide countless opportunities for highly rewarding legal work.

Students can prepare for such work by participating in DePaul Law’s unique summer study abroad program in Beijing, China. The four-week program offers 5 ABA-approved credits and starts in May, allowing time to hold legal jobs and internships the rest of the summer. The cost of tuition is subsidized to allow for the cost of air travel and other expenses. Financial aid is available.

Program Highlights

Legal Clinic: Students enhance their professional resume and gain practical experience by participating in a Beijing legal clinic dealing with Chinese citizens’ common legal issues.

Moot Court Competition: Students have the opportunity to participate in the International-Asian Moot Court Competition on Intellectual Property, involving top law schools from China, Australia and other Pacific Rim countries. No prior knowledge of intellectual property law is required. DePaul faculty coach teams in brief writing and oral arguments.

Shanghai: Tuition includes a weekend trip to Shanghai—one of the world’s centers of international business and financial law—as well as a weekend tour of Beijing’s chief cultural and historical attractions and an unforgettable visit to the Great Wall.

International Law Skills: Courses on International Financial Transactions, International Trade Issues in Asia-Pacific Region and Chinese Law provide an unequalled opportunity to become comfortable with international legal business issues, making students more attractive to prospective employers.

Legal Tours: The program includes visits to a Chinese trial court, Chinese law firms specializing in international legal transactions, and China’s Supreme Court.

Expert Faculty: International business law expert Professor Jerold Friedland directs DePaul’s study abroad program in Beijing. In the course of 20 years, he has traveled throughout every single Chinese province and has taught in China as a Fulbright Scholar. He leads the program along with international law expert Professor Alberto R. Coll. Prominent Chinese law professors also will provide individual lectures relating to their special expertise in various areas of Chinese and international law.

Shanghai Photo: Courtesy of Nicor (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
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