Girls Link Conference

Girls ConferenceThis November will mark the 4th year that the DePaul University College of Law Schiller DuCanto and Fleck Family Law Center has hosted the Girls Link conference. It is a day-long conference to educate and serve approximately 500 teen-aged girls at risk for delinquency. The populations served are almost exclusively urban minority youth.

The workshops focus on the unique physical, mental, emotional and legal issues which girls this age face. Topics include the criminal justice system, healthy choices, and street law among others. The girls are engaged in lively discussion and learn about healthier behaviors from each other as well as the many professionals who conduct the workshops.

The conference provides a “win-win” experience for both the law students and conference participants. Our law student volunteers tell us that they gain a better understanding of the vulnerability of this age group and the issues they face. Our law students have many tasks for the day, but what is most important is that they serve as role models for the girls, assist in the presentation of some of the workshop topics such as street law, and encourage the girls to have big dreams and positive goals.

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