DePaul Journal of Health Care Law

As one of the few remaining peer-reviewed legal journals, the DePaul Journal of Health Care Law has long been one of the nationís premiere student-run scholarly publications. Founded in 1996, the JHCL is focused on providing insightful and progressive articles that analyze the legal complexities of the rapidly evolving health care world. Although primarily comprised of comments and notes from law professors and legal practitioners, the JHCL is committed to providing students with publication opportunities. Staff writers are strongly encouraged to submit articles for publication review.

Editorial Board

  • Editor-in-Chief: Nelson Dunlap
  • Executive Text & Peer Review Editor: Haley Guion
  • Authorities Editor & Symposium: Dominic OíKeefe
  • Managing & Business Editor: Jennifer Chow

Staff Writers

  • Yesenia Perez
  • Vaughn Bentley
  • Hillary Cook
  • Joy Austria
  • Kathaleen Kokotilo
  • Calvin Edwards
  • Ryan Eckert
  • Sydney Mayer
  • Margaret Walsh



Past Issues

Family Law