Determined to strengthen the connection between legal education and the practice of law, the college established the Institute for Advocacy & Dispute Resolution to explore curricular opportunities that meet the needs of our students and the profession.

The Institute's goal is to enable students to participate effectively, responsibly and ethically in the legal profession by building on four core areas of the curriculum: dispute resolution and mediation, litigation skills and trial advocacy, field placement, and moot court. In addition, the course-based Center for Dispute Resolution, directed by Professor Katheryn Dutenhaver, is central to student training in mediation and arbitration. The Institute also offers student/lawyer mentoring, lawyer/lawyer mentoring and judge shadowing.

By emphasizing coursework that focuses on the importance of the role of the lawyer, litigation, and alternate client solutions, the Institute not only provides our students with a solid foundation in legal theory and statutory analysis, but also enhances their advocacy and problem-solving skills.

Recent course offerings included Trial Advocacy 1&2, Field Placement, Litigation Lab, Electronic Discovery, Mediation, a Transactional Skills Course, "Anatomy of a Deal: From Inception to Closing," and an Advanced Evidence Seminar.

The Center for Dispute Resolution