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Faculty Publications

Becker, Mary


  • With C. Bowman and M. Torrey, Cases and Materials on Feminist Jurisprudence: Taking Women Seriously (2d ed., West Pub. Co., 2001).
  • With Morrison Torrey and Cynthia Bowman, Taking Women Seriously: Cases and Materials on Feminist Jurisprudence (West Pub. Co., 1993).

Book Chapters

  • Feminist Legal Theory, in Oxford Companion to American Law (Oxford University Press, 2002).
  • Protective Labor Legislation and Workplace Restrictions on Women, in Greenwood’s Historical and Multicultural Encyclopedia of Reproductive Rights in the United States (Greenwood Press, 2002).
  • There Is (Almost) No Such Thing as Free Speech at Work, in Choosing the Right Paradigm: Does Free Speech Interfere with Efforts at Equality or Vice-Versa?, at 102 (Stanley Ingber, ed., Drake University Law School, 1995).
  • The Legitimacy of Judicial Review in Speech Cases, The Price We Pay: The Case Against Hate Speech, Racist Propaganda, and Pornography 208 (Richard Delgado & Laura Lederer, eds., Hill and Wang, 1995).


Book Reviews


  • Reporter, the ABA Commission on Women in the Profession, Don't Just Hear It Through the Grapevine: Studying Gender Questions at Your Law School (1998).
  • Reporter, the ABA Commission on Women in the Profession, Elusive Equality: The Experience of Women in Legal Education: Executive Summary and Recommendations (1996).