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Cho, Sumi

Book Chapters

  • With G. Gott , The Racial Sovereign, in Sovereignty, Emergency, Legality 182 (A. Sarat ed., Cambridge University Press 2010)
  • With R. Westley, Historicizing Critical Race Theory’s Cutting Edge: Key Movements that Performed the Theory, in Crossroads, Directions, and a New Critical Race Theory 32 (Frank Valdes, Jerome Culp and Angela Harris, eds., Temple University Press, 2002), reprinted in 33 U.C. Davis L. Rev. 1377 (2000).
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  • Redeeming Whiteness in the Shadow of Internment: The Racial Redemption of Earl Warren, in Total War and the Law: The American Home Front in World War II 75 (Daniel R. Ernst and Victor Jew, eds., Praeger, 2002).
  • Symposium, Denying Discrimination in the Courts: Summary Judgment in Academic Employment Cases, in Keeping Our Faculties Symposium Proceedings 13 (Rita Bashaw and Anita Rios, eds., University of Minnesota, Office of the Vice President and Executive Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Programs, 2002).
  • Confronting the Myths: Asian Pacific American Faculty in Higher Education, in Affirmative Action and Discrimination: Proceedings from the Ninth Annual Asian Pacific Americans in Higher Education Conference 31 (Ling-chi Wang, eds., APHE, 1996).
  • Korean Americans vs. African Americans: Conflict and Construction, Chapter 13 in Reading Rodney King/Reading Urban Uprising (Robert Gooding-Williams, ed., Routledge, 1993), reprinted in Chapter 51 of Race, Class and Gender (Margaret L. Andersen and Patricia Hill Collins, eds., Wadsworth, 2nd ed. 1995).