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Coll, Alberto


  • With John C. Knechtle and Christopher Roederer, Mastering International Law (Durham, N.C. : Carolina Academic Press, 2009).
  • With Rodney Rempt et al., Current Strategy Forum, 2002: Transforming American National Security Strategy in the 21st Century (Newport, R.I. : Naval War College, 2002).
  • With J. R. Stark et al., Current Strategy Forum Papers: June 16-18, 1998, Newport, RI (Newport, R.I. : U.S. Naval War College, 1998).
  • The Problems of Doing Good: Somalia as a Case Study in Humanitarian Intervention (New York, N.Y. : Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs, 1997) and (Washington, D.C. : Distributed by the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University, 1997).
  • With Edward Gonzalez, Facing the Future: Two Views on Cuba’s Inevitable Transition (Miami, FL : Cuban Studies Association, 1997).
  • With James S. Ord & Stephen A. Rose, Legal and Moral Constraints on Low-Intensity Conflict (Newport, R.I.: Naval War College, 1995).
  • With James F. Childress et al., The American Search for Peace: Moral Reasoning, Religious Hope, and National Security : Seminar : Revised Papers (Georgetown University Press, 1991).
  • Papers 1989-1990 (Correspondence, resume and subject files when Professor Coll was Stockton Chairholder in International Law, 1989-1990).
  • Should the Reagan Administration have Signed the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea?, (Pew Charitable Trusts, 1988).
  • With Anthony C. Arend, The Falklands War: Lessons for Strategy, Diplomacy, and International Law (Boston : G. Allen & Unwin, 1985).
  • The Wisdom of Statecraft: Sir Herbert Butterfield and the Philosophy of International Politics (Duke University Press, 1985).
  • The Wisdom of Statecraft: Sir Herbert Butterfield and the Philosophy of International Politics (Dissertation: Thesis (Ph.D.)—University of Virginia, 1983) (Reproduction: Photocopy/Ann Arbor, Mich./University Microfilms/1984).
  • The Western Heritage and American Values – Law, Theology, and History (University Press of America, 1982).
  • Francisco de Vitoria and the Limitations of a Juristic Approach to International Politics (Thesis/dissertation/manuscript, 1981).

Book Chapters

  • With Antonio Sánchez-Bayón, The Federal Legal Framework for Religion: Freedom of Religion and Church-State Relations in the United States, in 8 Derecho y religión 255 (Marcos González Sánchez & Javier Saldaña Serrano eds., 2013)
  • The Relevance of Christian Realism to the Twenty-First Century, in Christianity and Power Politics Today: Christian Realism and Contemporary Political Problems (Eric Patterson ed., 2008)
  • International Arms Restraint by Treaty, Law and Policy in National Security Law (2d ed., Carolina Academic Press, 2005).
  • Taking “Ubermenschen” Seriously, Castro’s Self-Image and His Geopolitical Vision of Africa in Cuba-Africa, Quo Vadis (Pretoria : Africa Promotions, 1988).


Book Reviews