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Gerstenblith, Patty


  • Art, Cultural Heritage, and the Law (2d. ed., Carolina Academic Press, 2008).
  • With Benjamin R. Foster and Karen Polinger Foster, Iraq Beyond the Headlines: History, Archaeology, and War (World Scientific, 2005).
  • Art, Cultural Heritage, and the Law (Carolina Academic Press, 2004).

Book Chapters

  • Symposium, Do Codes of Ethics on Publication of Undocumented Texts Promote Legitimacy? Archaeologies of Text: Archaeology, Technology, and Ethics, in Joukowsky Institute Publication Series (M. Kersel & M. Rutz eds., Oxbow Books, forthcoming 2011)
  • Symposium, The Media and Archaeological Preservation in Iraq: A Tale of Politics, Media and the Law, in Archaeology, Politics and the Media (C. Meyers ed., Duke University Press 2011)
  • The Obligations Contained in International Treaties of Armed Forces to Protect Cultural Heritage in Times of Armed Conflict, in Archaeology, Cultural Property, and the Military (L. Rush ed., Boydell & Brewer, 2010).
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  • Increasing Effectiveness of the Legal Regime for the Protection of the International Archaeological Heritage, in Cultural Heritage Issues (J. Nafziger and A. Nigorski, eds., Brill 2009).
  • With Katharyn Hanson, Congressional responses to the looting of Iraq's cultural property, in Antiquities under Siege: Cultural Heritage Protection after the Iraq War (Lawrence Rothfield ed., AltaMira Press, 2008).
  • Legal Aspects of Controlling the International Market in Looted Antiquities: The Paradigm of Iraq, in Catastrophe! The Looting and Destruction of Iraq's Past (Geoff Emberling et al., University of Chicago ; Oriental Institute; Museum, 2008).
  • Change in the Legal Regime Protecting Cultural Heritage, in The Destruction of Cultural Heritage in Iraq (Peter G. Stone & Joanne Farchakh Bajjaly eds., Woodbridge, Suffolk : Boydell Press, 2008).
  • The 1954 Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property Law in the Event of Armed Conflict: Its Background and Prospects for Ratification in the United States, in Preventing Looting of Cultural Heritage in Times of War: Learning the Lessons of Iraq (Larry Rothfield ed., Altamira Press, 2008).
  • International Cultural Property, in 2007 Yearbook of Cultural Property Law (S. Hutt ed., Left Coast Press 2007, updated 2008, 2009).
  • The Philosophy of Collecting and the International Market, in Yearbook of Cultural Property Law 2007 (Sherry Hutt ed., Walnut Creek, Calif. : Left Coast; Oxford : Berg [distributor], 2007).
  • The Acquisition and Exhibition of Classical Antiquities: The Legal Perspective, in The Acquisition and Exhibition of Classical Antiquities: Professional, Legal and Ethical Perspectives (Robin F. Rhodes ed., University of Notre Dame Press, 2007).
  • Nineveh as a Microcosm of the Effect of War on Iraqís Cultural Heritage, in "Up to the Gates of Ekron" Essays on the Archaeology and History of the Eastern Mediterranean in Honor of Seymour Gitin (S. Crawford ed., Israel Exploration Society, 2007).
  • Recent Developments in the Legal Protection of Cultural Heritage, in Archaeology, Cultural Heritage and the Trade in Antiquities (Neil Brodie et al., eds., 2006).
  • Museum Practice: Legal Issues, in Companion to Museum Studies (Sharon MacDonald, ed., 2006).
  • Recent International Cases and Prognosis for the Future, in Presenting Archaeology in Court (Marion Forsyth et al., eds., AltaMira Press, 2006).
  • The Law as a Tool for Cultural Heritage Preservation: The Case of Iraq and Afghanistan, in Of the Past, for the Future: Integrating Archaeology and Conservation 234-39 (Neville Agnew & Janet Bridgland eds., Los Angeles, Calif : Getty ; Garsington : Windsor [distributor], 2006).
  • With B. Foster and K. Foster, International and National Legal Regimes for the Protection of Archaeological Heritage, in the Series on the Iraq War and its Consequences Vol. 2: Iraq Beyond the Headlines History, Archaeology, and War (World Scientific, 2005).
  • The Licit and Illicit Trade in Antiquities, in Itís Legal But It Ainít Right: Harmful Social Consequences of Legal Industries 138 (Nikos Passas & Neva Goodwin, eds., 2004).
  • From Steinhardt to Schultz: The McClain Doctrine and the Protection of Archaeological Sites, in Legal Perspectives on Cultural Resources 100 (Jennifer R. Richman & Marion P. Forsyth, eds., 2004).
  • Cultural Significance and the Kennewick Skeleton: Some Thoughts on the Resolution of Cultural Heritage Disputes, in Claiming the Stones, Naming the Bones: Cultural Property and the Negotiation of National and Ethnic Identity 162-97 (Elazar Barkan and Ronald Bush eds., 2002).
  • Antiquities: International Cultural Property?, in Who Owns Culture? Cultural Property and Patrimony Disputes in an Age Without Borders (Columbia University National Arts Journalism Program, 2001), at 73.
  • Who Owns the Past?, in Archaeology and Society in the 21st Century (Israel Exploration Society, 2001), at 128.
  • The Kanakaria Mosaics and United States Law on the Restitution of Stolen and Illegally Exported Cultural Property in Antiquities: Trade and Betrayed : Legal, Ethical and Conservation Issues (Archetype Books, 1995).


Book Reviews


  • With Mary Keating, Keeping Art or Sending it Back, (English : Sound Recording : Non-music : Conference Proceedings, American Association of Law Libraries, Meeting, Washington, D.C. (Mobiltape Co., 1999)).
  • Cultural Property and World War II: Some Implications for American Museums: A Legal Background, SC40 ALI-ABA 17 (1998).
  • Prof. Uses the Law to Leave No Stone Unturned(Patty Gerstenblith) (Illinois), Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, Jan. 5, 1996, v.142 n4 p3 col4 (12 col in) (by M.A. Stapleton).
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  • Turkey has Good Claim to Gold of Troy, N.Y. Times, Oct. 9, 1993 at 22, col. 4.
    Full text via New York Times
  • The Levant at the Beginning of the Middle Bronze Age, (American Schools of Oriental Research Dissertation Series No. 5, 1983).