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Faculty Publications

Landsman, Stephan


  • With R.O. Lempert, et al., A Modern Approach to Evidence (4th ed., West 2011)
  • Crimes of the Holocaust: The Law Confronts Hard Cases (U. Pa. Press, 2005).
  • Readings on Adversarial Justice: The American Approach to Adjudication (West Pub. Co.,1988).
  • The Adversary System: a Description and Defense (Am. Enterprise Inst. for Pub. Pol'y Research, 1984).
  • With Donald McWherter & Alan Pfeffer, What To Do Until the Lawyer Comes: An Invitation to Law (Anchor Press, 1977).

Book Chapters

  • How Juryphobia and Fears of Fraudulent Claims Disserve Medical Malpractice Reform Efforts, in Civil Juries and Civil Justice : Psychological and Legal Perspectives (Springer, 2008).
  • Chambers v. Mississippi: A New Justice Meets an Old Style Southern Verdict, in Evidence Stories (Foundation Press, 2006).
  • Consolidation; Separate Trials, Chapter 42, Moore's Federal Practice (3rd ed., Matthew Bender, 1997).
  • The Challenge of Procedural Reform, in International Trends of Civil Justice (Institute of Comparative Law, Chuo University, 1995).
  • The History and Objectives of the Civil Jury System, in Verdict: Assessing the Civil Jury System (Brookings Institution, 1993).


Book Reviews