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Faculty Publications

Raphael, Jody


  • Rape is Rape: How Denial Fuels the Hidden Crisis (Chicago Review Press, forthcoming 2013)
  • Freeing Tammy: Women, Drugs and Incarceration (Northeastern University Press, 2007)
  • Listening to Olivia: Violence, Poverty and Prostitution (Northeastern University Press, 2004)
  • Saving Bernice: Battered Women, Welfare, and Poverty (Northeastern University Press, 2000)

Book Chapters

  • With Mary Ellison, Prostitution: the Gendered Crime, in Routledge Handbook on Gender and Crime Studies (forthcoming 2012)
  • Meeting Gendered Demand: Domestic Sex Trade Trafficking, in Prostitution, Harm and Gender Inequality (Ashgate Publishing, 2012)
  • Silence, Secrecy, Shame and Stigmatization: the Trapping Effects of Poverty and Violence, in 1 Violence against Women in Families and Relationships (Stark and Buzawa, eds., Greenwood Pub. 2009)
  • Compensating for Abuse: Women's Involvement in the Sex Trade in North America, in Women, Crime and Criminal Justice: Original Feminist Readings (Renzetti, Goodstein and Millers, eds, Roxbury 2006)
  • Domestic Violence as a Welfare-to-Work Barrier: Research and Theoretical Issues, in The Sourcebook on Violence Against Women (Sage Publications, 2001)
  • Keeping Women Poor: How Domestic Violence Prevents Women From Leaving Welfare and Entering the World of Work, in Battered Women, Children, and Welfare Reform (Sage Press, 1999)


  • State of Fear: One Survivorís Reflections on the Legal System, 3 Fam. & Intimate Partner Violence Q. 381, (2011)
  • With Jessica Ashley and Mark Powers, Pimp Control and Violence of Domestically Trafficked Women, 20 Women & Crim. Just. 89 (2010)
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  • Silencing Reports of Sexual Assault: the Controversy over a Woman in Berlin, 12 Violence Against Women 693 (2006)
  • Guest Editor, Review Symposium, Silencing Reports of Sexual Assault, 12 Violence Against Women (2006)
  • With Deborah L. Shapiro, Reply to Weitzer, 11 Violence Against Women 965 (2005)
  • Teens Having Babies: The Unexplored Role of Domestic Violence, 12 Prevention Researcher 15 (Feb. 2005)
  • The Challenges of Rethinking Criminal Justice Responses to Intimate Partner Violence, 10 Violence Against Women 1354 (2004)
  • Guest Editor, Special Issue on Violence in the Sex Trade, 10 Violence Against Women 123 (2004)
  • With Richard M. Tolman and L. Brush, Guest Editor: Special Issue on Violence and Poverty, 9 Violence Against Women 1167 (2003)
  • Battering Through the Lens of Class, 11 Am. U. J. Gender, Soc. Pol'y & L. 367 (2003)
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  • Guest Editor, Special Issue: Violence Against Women and Girls in Prostitution, 8 Violence Against Women 1011 (2002)
  • Keeping Battered Women Safe during Welfare Reform: New Challenges, 57 J. Am. Med. Womenís Assín 32 (Winter 2002)
  • With R. Tolman, Guest Editor, Special Issue: Welfare Poverty and Domestic Violence, 7 Violence Against Women (2001)
  • Public Housing and Domestic Violence, 7 Violence Against Women 699 (2001)
  • Stiffed At the Citadel: Nurturance or Dominance? 6 Violence Against Women 1403 (2000)
  • With Richard M. Tolman, A Review of Research on Welfare Reform and Domestic Violence, 56 J. Soc. Issues 655 (2000)
  • The Family Violence Option: An Early Assessment, 5 Violence Against Women 449 (1999)
  • Welfare Reform: Prescription for Abuse? A Report on New Research Studies Documenting the Relationship of Domestic Violence and Welfare, 19 L. & Pol'y 123 (1997)
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  • Prisoners of Abuse: Policy Implications of the Relationship between Domestic Violence and Welfare Receipt, 30 Clearinghouse Rev. 186 (Spec. Issue 1996)
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  • Domestic Violence and Welfare Receipt: Toward a New Feminist Theory of Welfare Dependency, 19 Harv. Womenís L. J. 201 (1996)
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  • Domestic Violence and Welfare Receipt: The Unexplored Barrier to Employment, 3 Geo. J. Fighting Poverty 29 (1995).
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Book Reviews

  • Rape Culture, Review of Rape: Sex, Violence, History, 25 Women's Rev. of Books 5 (November 2008)
  • Getting Off: Pornography and the End of Masculinity, 14 Violence Against Women 1079 (2008)
  • Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case, 14 Violence Against Women, 370 (2008)
  • With T.K. Logan, Review of Coercive Control: the Entrapment of Women in Personal Life, 13 Violence Against Women 885 ( 2007)
  • Inner Lives: Voices of African-American Women in Prison, 12 Violence Against Women 208 (2006)
  • Bare: On Women, Dancing, Sex, and Power, 9 Violence Against Women 883 (2003)
  • Too Scared to Learn: Women, Violence and Education, 8 Violence Against Women 907 (2002)


  • With Brenda Myers-Powell, From Victims to Victimizers: Interviews with 25 Ex-Pimps in Chicago (September 2010)
  • Talking about Stalking: Interviews with Chicago Patrol Officers (October 2009)
  • With Brenda Myers-Powell, Interviews with Five Ex-Pimps in Chicago ( April 2009)
  • Hard Facts: an Analysis of Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Assault Data from the Cook County Legal System (May 2005)
  • With D. Shapiro, Sisters Speak Out: The Lives and Needs of Prostituted Women in Chicago (Ctr. for Impact Res., October 2002)
  • With L. McKean, Drugs, Crime, and Consequences: Arrests and Incarceration in North Lawndale (Ctr. for Impact Res., October 2002)
  • With Richard M. Tolman, Trapped by Poverty/Trapped by Abuse: new Evidence Documenting the Relationship Between Domestic Violence and Welfare (Taylor Inst. and U. Mich. Res. Dev. Ctr. on Poverty, Risk and Mental Health (Apr. 1997)
  • Prisoners of Abuse: Domestic Violence and Welfare Receipt ( Taylor Inst. Rep., Apr. 1996)
  • Domestic Violence: Telling the Untold Welfare-to-Work Story ( Taylor Inst. Rep., Jan. 1995)