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Tirres, Allison

Book Chapters

  • Who Belongs? Immigrants and the Law in American History, in A Companion to American Legal History (eds S. E. Hadden and A. L. Brophy, Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford, UK., 2013).
  • Bordered Lands: Legal Culture and Land Use in the Nineteenth-Century Southwest, in Community, Home, and Identity (R.P. Malloy & T. Turnipseed eds., Ashgate Press, forthcoming 2012)
  • The View from the Border: Law and Community in the Nineteenth Century, in Transformations in American Legal History, vol. 2 (ed. Daniel W. Hamilton & Alfred Brophy) (Harvard University Press, 2011).
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Book Reviews

  • Book Review, 30 Law & Hist. Rev. 1193 (2012) (reviewing Rachel St. John, Line in the Sand: A History of the Western U.S.-Mexico Border (2011))
  • Book Review, 29 Law & Hist. Rev. 647 (2011) (reviewing Kelly Lytle Hernandez: Migra! A History of the U.S. Border Patrol (2010))
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  • Book Review, 28 Law & Hist. Rev. 280 (2010) (reviewing Joseph P. Sánchez, Between Two Rivers: The Atrisco Land Grant in Albuquerque History 1692-1968 (2008)).
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  • Book Review, 23 Continuity & Change: J. of Soc. Structure, L. & Demography in Past Societies 531 (2008) (reviewing Laura Gomez, Manifest Destinies: The Making of the Mexican American Race (2007)).
  • Book Review, H-Law, H-Net Reviews, (2006), (reviewing Mary L. Dudziak and Leti Volpp, eds., Legal Borderlands:L Law and Construction of American Borders (2006)).
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  • Book Note, The Double Edge of Legal Ideals (reviewing William E. Nelson, The Legalist Reformation: Law, Politics, and Ideology in New York, 1920-1980 (2002)), 115 Harv. L. Rev. 1533 (2002).
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  • Book Review, The State Origins of Federal Plenary Power (reviewing Hidetaka Hirota, The Moment of Transition: State Officials, the Federal Government, and the Formation of American Immigration Policy, 99 Journal of American History 1092 (2013).) Jotwell (August 5, 2013)
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  • Book Review, Is Alabama the New California? Civil Rights Historal through a Multiracial Lens (reviewing Mark Brilliant, The Color of America Has Changed: How Racial Diversity Shaped Civil Rights Reform in California, 1941-1978 (Oxford University Press, 2010)), Jotwell (July 9, 2012)
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  • Immigration and the Constitution: A New Historical Interpretation , Jotwell (February 28, 2011)
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  • American Law Comes to the Border: Law and Colonization on the Edge of the U.S./Mexico Divide (Ph.D. Dissertation, Harvard University, 2008).
  • The Effect of the Great Depression on Latinos, in the Encyclopedia of the Great Depression (Robert S. McElvaine, ed., 2004).